Shawnee-Evergreen Community Association

Shawnee-Evergreen Community Association

Serving the communities of Shawnee Slopes and Evergreen Estates

Community blood drive (in need of 80 more blood donors):

Glenmore Christian Academy Gymnasium
16520 24th Street SW
January 31st from 9:00am-1:00pm

Call 1-888-2 DONATE or visit to book your appointment today!

A timely message from your Community Liaison Police Officer:  

Last week while walking outside a store, in uniform, I noticed a woman exit her vehicle to enter a shop. I walked past to the vehicle and noticed it was running with the keys still in the ignition.  In addition to the vehicle keys, the key ring had her home and work keys on it as well. The vehicle was unlocked and she was walking away.  I called out to her and asked her to please turn the vehicle off, remove the keys and lock her vehicle before she went in to shop. Her response was “If someone wants it they can have it”.  I explained to her that after someone steals her vehicle they would then have opportunity to drive to her home and use her house key to enter her residence, and remove whatever they wish while she is in the store shopping. She obliged and locked her vehicle up.
I would like to remind everyone to please turn your vehicles off, remove or hide all valuables and lock your vehicle before going into a store to shop or into your home for the evening.  Also remove your garage door opener from the vehicle whenever you leave it parked unattended.
With holiday shopping in front of us there will be more and more people leaving items they’ve just purchased in their vehicle, leaving their vehicle running while they run in for their coffees and teas, or maybe leaving their vehicle running and unattended while waiting for it to warm up. Please remind your friends and families to remove temptation and opportunity for would be thieves. Most thefts of vehicles or theft from vehicles are preventable.
Thank you.
Walter Kachmar

The difference between Shawnee-Evergreen Community Association (SECA) and Evergreen Residents Association (ERA)

 1. The Shawnee-Evergreen Community Association (SECA) is a volunteer organization formed by the residents of the Shawnee Slopes and Evergreen Estates communities whose focus is “Working Together for Our Community’s Future” to:

· manage and direct its social and recreational activities
· act as an intervener in civic matters (planning and development)
NOTE: Membership in SECA is voluntary.

2. The Evergreen Residents Association (ERA) is an organization created by the land developer (Genstar) for the “newly” developed area in Evergreen Estates (i.e. south of the old 146th Avenue) as well as for the rest of Evergreen. On September 1, 2011, Genstar officially handed over control of the ERA to the residents of Evergreen and Evergreen Estates. The ERA now owns and maintains the 17 community entrance features and feature park sites, originally constructed by Genstar in the development of Evergreen and the new portion Evergreen Estates.
All questions or concerns (i.e. garbage pickup, snow removal, burned out lamps, green space damage, etc.) should be directed to Further information can be found on the ERA website at

NOTE: Membership in ERA is compulsory and the requirement to pay an annual fee is collected by the Residents Association through an encumbrance on title. 



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