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Did you know that more than half of Canadians feel disconnected from their neighbours? And a recent Statistics Canada study confirmed that there is a positive relationship between life satisfaction and individuals’ feelings of belonging to their community and whether they know their neighbours. 

Becoming a member of SECA can help you get to know your neighbours through community events, monthly newsletters, and more. Our mission is to create a more connected and dynamic community where residents have a sense of belonging.

Land Use Amendment will Change our Community!

Graywood Developments has applied to rezone an “L” shaped area (see map below) that includes 3 parcels of land at the entrance to the Shawnee Park development adjacent to Beacon Hill. These parcels were originally intended for townhomes.

NOW is the time for you to act


Site 1 & 2 – Multi-residential buildings (e.g. apartment buildings, a rental apartment building and a seniors’ home – maximum height 26m

  • Overall density increase (from 451 units to a maximum of 600 units)
  • Approximately doubling the density on sites 1 and 2.

Site 3 – Commercial developments (e.g. 1 or 2-storey buildings)

  • Possibly a gas station, convenience store, strip mall though the proposed zoning will allow many options and may include bylaw relaxations.

You can look at the updated boards from Graywood here: fce_boards-updated-jan2020


1) Attend Graywood’s Information Session to learn more on January 29, 5:30 to 8:00 PM at the Fish Creek Exchange Sales Centre (99 Shawnee Blvd. SW)

  • Ask probing questions:
    • Has a traffic impact analysis been undertaken to understand the increased residential and commercial traffic.
    • Will there be a request for a parking relaxation and if so, how much parking will be provided?
    • Has a parking impact analysis been completed?
    • Why is the commercial site being proposed as a Direct Control (DC) site? Is the developer proposing additional uses? If so, what are they? 
    • Is the developer requesting a parking relaxation or perhaps smaller setbacks to the existing Beacon Hill complex?
    • Are there any proposed changes to the heights of the building?
    • Is a driveway off James McKevitt Road into the commercial site being reqested?
    • How much parking will be provided for the residential buildings on site 1 & 2 and how much for the commercial development on site 3?
  • NOTE: Verbal promises are not binding, and the final application is not available to the public  until the internal review at the City is completed. Track its progress here
  • Do NOT endorse the rezoning until we have acceptable answers on land uses, height, setbacks, parking, traffic etc.

2) Email to provide feedback and ask questions. Refer to questions on the SECA website.

3) Stay informed


Community News and Events

SECA members are welcome to come to any of our Board Meetings. Your input is valued! If you want to attend, please email your interest to

The next board meeting is 11 February at South Gate Alliance church at 7:00. We want to hear from our neighbours! Please consider attending!


NEIGHBOUR NIGHTS are on back for the new year!

Join us in the new year for a chance to make new friends and discuss what would make our community more neighbourly. 

– Join us on 16 January at  7:00 PM.
– We’ll be at the Coach and Horses Ale Room across from Sobeys in Millrise.
– Free snacks – buy your own beverages.
– Or arrive early and enjoy dinner with friends. 

Community Beautification Committee

We are looking for volunteers to join the Community Beautification Committee. So far we have received input from our neighbours on projects such as

  • installing shade in Evergreen Park
  • adding more picnic tables to parks
  • painting murals along James McKevitt
  • building a band shell in Evergreen Park

Do you have ideas? Dislike some ideas? Please get in touch with us at

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