Shawnee-Evergreen Community Association

SECA needs YOU!

In advance of our AGM on 29 September, please consider volunteering for one of the roles available on the SECA Board. See here for role descriptions.


 Shawnee-Evergreen Community Association Annual General Meeting

You’re invited to SECA’s 2020 AGM!

7 pm on Tuesday September 29 at the  South Gate Alliance Church, 1436 James McKevitt Road, SW.

    • Masks and social distancing will be in effect
    • One vote per member household
    • If you are interested in helping the community by joining our Board of Directors, please contact Lynn at 403-606-2406 to learn more.

Click the links below for the documents to be discussed during the AGM:

For more information, including minutes of past board meetings and past AGMs, please visit the SECA board page.



Did you know that more than half of Canadians feel disconnected from their neighbours? And a recent Statistics Canada study confirmed that there is a positive relationship between life satisfaction and individuals’ feelings of belonging to their community and whether they know their neighbours. 

Becoming a member of SECA can help you get to know your neighbours through community events, monthly newsletters, and more. Our mission is to create a more connected and dynamic community where residents have a sense of belonging.


Become a member of the Shawnee-Evergreen Community Association

Membership fee revenue enables SECA to enrich your community life. Through our programs and events we are building a more neighbourly community.

Our membership year runs from May 1 to April 30 each year. 

How to join:

  1. Visit our membership page and pay online,with your Paypal account or with a credit card
  2. Send a cheque payable to SECA to: 
    SECA Treasurer, c/o Maigul Wickam, 148 Shawnee Common, Calgary, AB, T2Y 0P9

Thanks to those who have already joined. Your support is appreciated! 

Though some of our events have been cancelled, due to the pandemic, expenses including insurance, website hosting and more must be paid. 


Community News and Events

Community Beautification Committee

We are looking for volunteers to join the Community Beautification Committee. So far we have received input from our neighbours on projects such as

  • installing shade in Evergreen Park
  • adding more picnic tables to parks
  • painting murals along James McKevitt
  • building a band shell in Evergreen Park

Do you have ideas? Dislike some ideas? Please get in touch with us at

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