Community Memberships

Memberships may be made by completing the membership form below and mailing it along with payment to SECA or by emailing the membership form to and make payment via PayPal. Note you do not have to be registered with PayPal as a user to pay by credit card. All you need to do is “click” on “Pay with Credit Card or Visa Debit” at the bottom of the page which opens in a new window when you click on “Pay Membership Fee via PayPal or Credit Card” below! Renewing members do NOT need to email the membership form unless there has been a change in information.

Community Memberships Expire April 30th each year.

Membership Form

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Pay Online

Pay Membership Fee via PayPal or Credit Card

Community Association Boundaries

North: South of Fish Creek Provincial Park
East: West of Macleod Trail
South: North of Fish Creek Provincial Park and Fish Creek Blvd (formerly Evergreen Blvd)

If you live in this area (inside shaded area on map above) with a street name that contains EverGREEN or Shawnee or you are a resident of Beacon Hill condominiums, you are eligible to be a Regular Member of Shawnee-Evergreen Community Association (SECA).

Shawnee/Evergreen Community Association Membership Benefits

  • You are entitled to one vote per membership at the Shawnee-Evergreen Annual General Meeting in September.
  • You, and RESIDING members of your family can participate FREE at the Annual Shawnee-Evergreen Stampede Breakfast in June.
  • Cardel Rec South. Membership in SECA provides an opportunity to enjoy 10% discount for Cardel Rec South programs if registered before the registration deadline
  • Your Board of Directors represent the community in all aspects of community needs such as developments – including future developments, traffic concerns, LRT needs, roadways, community playgrounds, and liaises with other communities on a wide variety of concerns and issue.

To Obtain Memberships:

1. Those who have not purchased a family membership are required to obtain a membership to take part in the festivities, to vote at the Annual General Meetings or receive reductions in fees for Trico Centre programs.

2. Memberships can be purchased – at any functions, the Annual General Meeting in September, or contact Peter Snell, Membership Secretary, at (403) 254-6660 OR fill out the membership form, and send it as directed on form to SECA. Also available at the Cardel Rec South. Memberships are $20 per year and must be renewed annually.

Community Memberships Expire April 30th

Submissions for the SECA Newsletter are due on the 4TH DAY OF THE MONTH FOR THE NEXT MONTH’S ISSUE. Your comments, suggestions and articles are welcome – it is YOUR newsletter! Submit input to

We Need you to be a Member! Please Send in your Membership Today! Here is what your Community Association (S.E.C.A.) Does:

  • SECA actively reviews and takes appropriate action regarding future area developments (currently those related to the Shawnee Park development by Cardel Homes and Graywood Developments on the former Shaw-Nee Slopes Golf Course property)
  • Hosts the June Family Stampede Breakfast (free for members and their resident family)
  • Sponsors the June Annual Community Parade of Garage Sales
  • Provides input and authorizes the monthly Community Newsletter delivered to all 1800+ households
  • Provides a director for the Board of Cardel Rec South
  • Provides a director for the Board of the Trico Centre for Family Wellness
  • Supports the Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park Society
  • Collaborates with other communities on a wide variety of concerns and issues
  • Has been actively involved with the City in the development of the LRT station & parking lots
  • Diligently alert to the future developments of lands surrounding the Fish Creek-Lacombe LRT station
  • Is involved with the City on transportation issues (e.g. 37th Street/Sarcee Trail development, 22X development, traffic and safety issues, etc.) that impact our community
  • Addresses speeding and other traffic issues within our community