Our Pub Nights have been renamed as “Neighbour Nights” because it’s all about connecting neighbours. March was a bunch of fun with a whole new group of residents attending. Lots of connections were made. We enjoyed the giant platter of appetizers that the Coach and Horses Ale Room provided for us to share. For April and May we are moving to the 4th Thursday of the month to avoid holiday weekends. Mark your calendars and plan to attend one or both of our Neighbour Nights – April 24 and May 23.

If you are a FaceBook user, please like our page and watch for updates at ShawneeEvergreenYYC Let us know if you’d like to see Neighbour Nights continue on the patio at the Coach and Horses Ale Room in June, July and August. It’s up to you!

Community Led Initiatives

SECA is keen to be responsive to your needs. Bringing an idea to life just takes a community member or two to come forward to assist us. We’ll provide lots of support.

Some of the ideas that emerged at the March Neighbour Night included:

  • Meet Ups for runners, walkers, dog walkers
  • Gardeners meet up, workshop or a speaker series
  • Yoga in the park
  • Biking workshop – Get riding your bike comfortably and confidently!
    • for kids
    • for women
  • SECA Summer Festival or community BBQ
  • Loose parts play program or a play group – because it’s more fun when there are more kids at the park

Please email vp@shawneeevergreen.ca to express your interest in seeing any of these ideas implemented or to suggest your own ideas.

2019 Planned Events:

In addition to monthly Pub Nights, this year’s SECA planned events include:

  • Saturday April 20 10:00 AM to Noon Easter Egg Hunt at South Gate Alliance Church
  • Saturday June 22 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM Stampede Breakfast at South Gate Alliance Church
  • Sunday July 14 Deerfoot Casino fund raiser Day 1
  • Monday July 15 Deerfoot Casino fund raiser Day 2
  • Saturday September 14 Community Cleanup at South Gate Alliance Church

Mark your calendar for these events now! Details re location etc. will be published in future newsletters. Volunteers to work at the Casino will be sought in June.

SECA Board Meetings:

Our next Board Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday May 14, 2019 in Room 211 at South Gate Alliance Church. SECA members are welcome to come to any of our Board Meetings. Your input is valued! Board Meeting cancellations will be posted at the SECA web site so please check web site for notifications. Contact Lynn Jobe, SECA VP at vp@shawneeevergreen.ca or (403) 254-0627 if you need more information.